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Dear life..... FUCK YOU!

2010-09-30 03:06:03 by Helloimsatan

My life... is all sorts of FUCKED UP! So, my ex that I planned on going back out with, THAT I BROKE UP WITH MY GF for, NO decides to try and date someone else after she has promised me she wouldn't. FUCKING PROMISES! Now, she doesn't even know if she'll take me back. I GAVE UP SOMEONE FOR HER and she won't give up someone she won't even know that long before I show up.... god all she had to do was wait for two paychecks... FUCKING TWO WEEKS!.... I will totally be pissed and hate her.... but love her.... GOD I HATE THIS! oh yeah, no furry porn this time ya know why? CAUSE MY COMPUTER FUCKING ATE ALL MY PORN! Seriously I accidentally started dragging my folder to the side and my files just went poof! If you guys have any idea on how to fix that PLEASE!!!! HELP A BROTHER OUT!


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2010-09-30 23:47:34

1. Bitches ain't nothing but trouble.
2. Undo. Check recycling bin. Check other folders on the desktop/wherever that you might have accidentally dropped the porn folder into. Search for specific filenames. Files don't just disappear randomly, they're in there somewhere.

Helloimsatan responds:

the weird thing is when I click slideshow it brings up ALL the pictures but its not like I can save it and find where they came from. But imma keep trying.