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I don't even know... BUT

2011-02-12 03:52:26 by Helloimsatan

Okay so I just have no clue whats going on with my life. I got a new GF then broke up with her cuz... I wanted my ex back. Bad move but I don't even want her back either so... I've been talking to like 4 other girls trying to get with them and here are my options:
1. College girl in Cali, curvy, dat ass, gamer, glasses, sexaholic, and playful mockery.
2. Single mother, wants to be a slave, tig ol bitties, semi-gamer, sexaholic.
3. Writing issue, slim, sexaholic, music lover, gets money for free.
4. Single mom, job, college, sexaholic, music lover, glasses, curvy.
Which should I go for guys? I will not provide names or pictures or anything just give me a number. That'd be great thanks.

I don't even know... BUT


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